Grand Rising Synchronized Souls,
Woah, it’s been a year. As we start the Astrological New Year, I thought it would be nice to look back with gratitude. Those who have been in this space may wonder how I can do so considering the ups and downs I’ve experienced, but that’s just the Soul I am.
This time last year, I was unexpectedly getting ready to meet a soul that would change my life, in ways I couldn’t have anticipated at the time. I was getting ready to meet my ex and get into a new relationship. I was head over heels in love and riding the wave. The confidence from that relationship gave me even MORE confidence to leave Indeed because I felt so supported. By June, I went into my heart-centered business fullt-time. I started my full-time soulpreneurship journey and all was looking good, until I was psychically attacked through my business near the end of June and throughout the month of July. This just so happens to be around the time that my relationship unexpectedly ended. After taking some time to grieve, I came back stronger than ever in August like a Phoneix rising from the ashes. I went to my first photoshoot as a MODEL and I decided to chase a lifelong dream and moved to Mexico for the duration of the winter.
Oh so was the plan, until I got a call from my mother on my birthday telling me that my sister, Jet’aime, passed away. I’ve experienced a lot of grief in my life, but this pain is something I cannot even attempt to explain. I still cry, I am crying, as I write this, because I still have so much to move through within my grief story. As I create new boundaries to support this version of who I am.

This version of myself, who is trying to act as if because I've been reminded, yet again in my life, that time is something that not all of us have.

I’m sure I will still get very upset about the experiences Taime will now not get to experience in this lifetime as a human. And yes, because of my beliefs I know she’s here. But as we know, knowing something and accepting something are two very different things. She had so many dreams, she was only 22. I’ve realized as I reflect on my year that her dreams, were the dreams I used to dream. Things I secretly wished for but thought I was too fucked up to have. I know that I’ll be grieving for a while. I know that I’ll be triggered constantly, especially as the trial continues to unfold over the next year and a half. I know that this grief journey is for life. However, I’m starting to shift into the mindset where I want to maintain the vibration my sister used to in this world. She was constantly going out of her way to help others, she was always volunteering, always giving back. I want to help her let of her attachments to this world with peace.

Knowing that I will accomplish the things I never thought I could, but she always wanted to. Not only for her, but for me.

Grief gives us perspective and the more pain I alchemize as my journey unfolds, the more I see the rarity of it, of the resilience, of the determination, of the success, of the abundance. Now that I can see it, I appreciate how worthy and rare my soul gifts are. I’m realizing WHO I can help and HOW I can help, and the clarity is allowing to me expand on a BIG scale. I’m no longer playing it small. I don’t want fame and fortune, I don’t want to be known. That’s not and will never be our motivation. The Scorpio in me is so strong. But I do want to help the souls I know have been waiting for ME, for MY medicine. And I’m starting to ground myself in this reality. The more I do, the more I see that the soul’s purpose I’ve been given is BIG and it’s been written in the stars. It’s time I accept it.
As I do so and intentionally think of ways I can help, I can also see how it all connects. I was very intentional when putting together my Becoming a Successful Soulpreneurs – Group Coaching Certification Program. Intentionally using my Divine Feminine & Masculine energies allowed me to fill my cup and have it runneth over. The intentionally allowed me to hit a financial business intention, I’ve had for 2 years, a five-figure month. I celebrate a $16,000 month from ONE stream of income. The best part was – I provided $2222 in total discounts to help several coaching soul clients. Additionally, because I took care of myself, I was able to help provide a full scholarship to a soul who I KNEW was ready to do the work, but couldn’t make the financial investment yet.
The excitement and fulfilment I feel while hosting this Group Coaching Program reminds me that the transformation I’ve grown through was to get here. As I continue to niche down, I don’t want the souls in this Synchronized Souls Community to feel as if I’m not looking for ways to bridge the gap and continue to add value as I grow.
As I pour more of my attention into Group Coaching & Mentoring, I’m letting go of 1:1 Soul Synchronization Coaching and introducing y’all to a REALLY GOOD friend and AMAZING 1:1 Spiritual Mentor – Sydney Smith, the CEO of Adventuring with Poseidon. She is who I would recommend if you’re looking for 1:1 Mentoring services. Similarly to me, she is a Shadow Worker who goes deep, but her energy is very different than mine. I believe she will be an extremely beneficial resource for you all. Sydney Smith is our first to join Affiliated Souls.

Souls who are affiliated with Synchronized Souls Inc. brand through their own heart-centered businesses. These are the souls who spiritual and mindful services or products I HIGHLY recommend. These are souls who currently offer services or products that are not within my current bandwidth or simply outside my area of expertise or niche.

I rebranded on March 1, 2021 from Synchronized Soul to Synchronized Souls Inc. to incorporate all of the souls who are synchronizing their Souls. All the souls who have their own soul’s mission and purpose in their timelines and spaces. I wasn’t entirely sure HOW when I was doing it, but I knew it was a necessary nudge of Divine Knowledge and I wanted to take action upon it. As I expand, a year later, I’m starting to understand why – this space is for community and connection. I want y’all to know that I will ALWAYS be thinking about how I can add value to this community, to your’s soul’s journey, even if it’s not by working with me. We are about community not competition in this space. Affiliated Souls is just another example of how I will always lead by example. Integrity embodied in action. More Affiliated Souls to come…
Sydney will be introducing herself in the Synchronized Souls Space with a two-part blog series with the first one coming out next Sunday. I’m so looking forward to hearing y’all thoughts about the transformation that is happening in this space.

With Divine Motives,
CEO of Synchronized Souls Inc.
Ashantè Fray

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