Teachings from Tarot: Lessons for June – Loss, Release & Grief

Teaching from Tarot: Lessons for June - Loss, Release & Grief

Crying over spilled milk. This is the first thing that comes to mind when I see the Five of Cups, it’s the first thing that comes to mind every time I see this card. This overwhelming feeling that things aren’t and haven’t turned out the way we expected. Isn’t that the understatement of the year?

Last year was Universal Year of the 5, and the theme was expect the unexpected. I only mention this to say that it feels like many souls are still throwing themselves pity parties based on how their lives have changed last year. As we enter the 6 month of the year, as the Universal Year of 6 continues to unfold. Remember, The Tower moments from last year were to help you be better grounded in your Soul. They were to help you synchronize with your Soul, so you could/can make choices based on your values and your needs. However, that means accepting the depths of your pain. This means being radically honest with yourself, so you can attract the things you do want, not the things you do not want.

If you spent the first half of the year, attached to the loss, grief and disappointment you’ve experienced in the past, the month of June is going to ask you – Is that all you want to experience in the future? As channelled in the 2022 Soulscope Guidebook from our Soul Guides in December 2021. [Currently on sale for $47.77] 

"In order to move forward with your life, you must accept it all and let go of it all. Learn to detach." - 2022 Soulscope Guidebook

You have the ability to disengage, to disconnect, to detach from the past. Your old wounds and bitter memories have been intentionally triggered a lot during the first half of this year. This was to help you feel your feelings to release them. It wasn’t to attach to them, to continue to reinforce this limiting belief that you aren’t enough, not worthy or the victim of circumstances. There is a lot of forgiveness that is needed right now. To forgive yourself, others, and The Universe for the pain you’ve experienced. As stated in our most recent eBook: [Currently on sale for $27.27]: 

"Forgiveness doesn’t mean reconciliation. It's just a simple release of anger or resentment." - The Power of Self-Reflection & Forgiveness  

You have the chance to gain wisdom for the present from the mistakes of the past. You have the opportunity to start something new, to feel new feelings. This call to move forward with more synchronization is dependent on you releasing the past. It’s dependent on your understanding of your soul’s journey, to accept your soul’s gifts, and to move forward with confidence. Honestly, it sounds like the perfect time to really think about how you can be open to experiencing the brighter side of life. It’s time to integrate your Shadow and Light to experience the abundance and blessings you’ve been asking for. If you truly want to grow: 

“You must accept all of the times you’ve been let down, all of the times you felt discontent, and all of the times you’ve mourned potential timelines and outcomes. You are being given the opportunity to gain more than you’ve been given, but first, you must grieve.” 2022 Soulscope Guidebook

It’s time for your to accept your Lightworker’s Journey, to alchemize grief, Shadow and loss into Light. [Use coupon code SHADOW to save $555 OFF! Code expires May 31.] Everything you’ve experienced has been to help you integrate into a timeline of your highest good. No matter what you’ve experienced in life, you have the opportunity NOW to feel experience life differently. As always, the choice to integrate is yours, but we hope this was the push you needed to start the process.